Welcome to my blog. I plan to do occasional posts before I set off and then every
few days on the trip.
On May 12th 2012 I will be dipping the rear wheel of my bike
into the Pacific Ocean
in Los Angeles and heading for the Atlantic in Boston.
I am funding the trip myself, however I am seeking sponsorship for The Multiple Sclerosis
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I am looking forward to this great challenge and hope you find my blog of interest.
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Friday 29 June 2012

The final 18 miles into Revere Bach Boston

We set off as a group for the last 18 miles to the beach. As we approached the last five miles it started to rain, fortunately it had stopped when we got to the beach.

We had a police escort for the last five miles, with a tv camera crew at the beach.

Then it is on the beach to dip the front wheel in.

A great journey with a great group of people. Much more fun than you might imagine. I have been fortunate to have been able to ride every inch of the way.

We got a lift back by car to the hotel. A quick shower and then off to lunch with Paul and old friend of mine from Boston.

Dismantled the bike ready to fly tomorrow and tonight is a farewell dinner.

The big kahuna is now over apart from the trip home. Not sure I have any wonderful words of wisdom to offer. Perhaps I will do another log entry when it has all sunk in. After seven weeks returning to normal life will take some getting used to.

To finish this blog I wold like to say a big thank you

To Heather for supporting me.
To all of my sponsors for raising over £4,500 for The Multiple Sclerosis Society
To family and friends for their support.
To my fellow riders for their help and friendship
To Tracy and the Crossroads staff for their amazing job in supporting all the riders.
To Minister Sarah and all at Upton URC for their support and prayers.
To Eureka cycles for their help in preparing the bike


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Location:Wheeler Rd,Burlington,United States

Thursday 28 June 2012

90 miles into Burlington. The last full day of riding

Not sure why but my legs are aching a little bit today. Unsure whether it is my mind saying there is only 18 miles to go or the fact that I have cycled some 3,400 miles or we have done 11,000 feet of climbing in the last two days.

We left Vermont this morning and cycled through New Hampshire into Massachusetts. Plenty of hills and nice scenery including a covered bridge.

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I was really pleased we cycled through the small town of Concord.
I used to meet cycling friends there for rides when we lived nearby.

It was great to cycle through it again in New England sunshine.

Arrived at the hotel, many of the other riders have family meeting them there.

It seems strange that this great adventure will be over by 9.15 tomorrow.

Location:Wheeler Rd,Burlington,United States

Wednesday 27 June 2012

Into the Vermont hills

We left Albany New York and headed towards Vermont, the green mountain state,

Amish along the road.

Vermont is a beautiful state with trees and hills, classic architecture.

We did a seven mile climb to a ski resort which tested the legs. I managed to get up without stopping along the way. We then had ups and downs. We then climbed hog back mountain. The view from the top was spectacular.

We rolled into Brattleboro the oldest town in Vermont around 2pm or lunch.

Tomorrow is our last full riding day with two star crossings.
Lots of climbing to come we are told.

Location:Chickering Dr,,United States

Tuesday 26 June 2012

75 miles to Albany

Today we awoke to cool weather which necessitated a wind jacket. Fellow riders from California and Florida were in panic mode.

We had a good ride through pleasant countryside

We passed through Schenectady town centre on our way to Albany.

- overall fairly uneventful pleasant day of riding.

Only two full days of riding left on our trip.

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Monday 25 June 2012

70 miles into Little Falls

A picture I forgot of Amish at work

Also you may not have seen the latest exhibit at The National Gallery

Today the weather was overcast but warm and we managed to miss the rain showers.

About 12 miles in Jim the local pastor laid on coffee and doughnuts for all the riders.

We then passed the smallest Chapel in the world apparently at marriages there is only room or the minister and the couple. The witnesses are in a boat.
It is also available for meditation.

We pleasantly made our way through the green countryside to Little Falls.

Here are falls.

The Erie canal also runs through.

A pretty but slightly run down town famous for its production of rennet for the cheese industry.

Free beer in the hotel at 5pm.

Location:Little Falls,United States